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Our Services

Smart Locks & Door Access
Now you can easily control protect your home easily and in a smart ways
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network systems
We provide all networking solutions whatever it is a wired or wireless
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private branch exchange
we provide all PBE solutions. if you are looking for hardware or maintenance
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walk through gates
We provide walk through gates and Baggage detection systems
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Remote Vehicle Monitoring systems
Control and Monitor your car easily using the latest technology from Al Masar
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CCTV Systems
Enjoy security and Comforts with latest CCTV systems
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Time Attendance system
keep tracking for your employees attendance easily
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sounds systems
Discover and enjoy the purity of sounds with our sounds system
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intercom systems
Enjoy security and Comforts with latest collection of intercom systems
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Burglar Alarm Systems
Safety is not an option, with ALMASAR burglar alarm systems, stay protected always
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We provide a good trained stuff from a collections of our best Engineers
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central satellite dish system
we provide central satellite dish system with the latest technology
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At Almasar we believe that with both hard and smart work you can achieve whatever you are looking for , So here we provide you both of them smart technologies with hard-workers stuff   .


Makkah Al Mukarramah – Al Sharaea – Scheme 1 – next to Zain Telecom Company


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